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In SMD manufacturing, the printing of solder paste is considered a critical process step at the beginning of the process chain and is therefore mainly responsible for a faultless soldering result. A number of parameters must interact optimally. One important task is the application of the solder paste. Squeegee pressure, squeegee angle and squeegee speed are important aspects that significantly influence the result of the paste application. Like the stencil, the squeegee blade should also be checked regularly for traces of wear and replaced if signs of wear occur.

We manufacture squeegee blades exclusively from high-quality stainless steel alloys with optimum material properties that guarantee you the best possible printing performance. These high-precision metal squeegee blades are available for all common stencil printers and squeegee blade holders.

Our squeegee blades allow an optimal filling of the apertures.  Metal squeegee blades with uniform material thickness achieve an even solder paste application for sharply contoured prints.

Stepped squeegee blades

Our squeegee blades in step design combine two material thicknesses in one squeegee blade.  These metal squeegees are tapered at the squeegee edge so that it adapts to different topographies (heights and depressions) of the stepped stencils.


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