SMT stencils

The basis for precise solder paste printing

Reliable and competent implementation for your requirements

BECKTRONIC takes care of the optimal design of the SMD stencil for your solder paste printing process. We have specially tailored metal blanks for laser fine cutting in material thicknesses from 30 microns up to 600 microns available from our warehouse and in stock:

0,03mm, 0,05mm, 0.06mm, 0,07mm, 0,08mm, 0,09mm,
0,1mm, 0,11mm, 0,12mm, 0,13mm, 0,15mm, 0,16mm; 0,18mm, 0,2mm, 0,25mm,
0,3mm, 0,4mm, 0,5mm, 0,6mm.

A continuous quality control as well as post-treatments and various surface refinements are our basis for the production of your precision tool the smt stencil for efficient and error-free solder paste printing.

Personal consulting and technical support ha great importance to us and we will always find the right solution for you. If you have any questions regarding the SMT stencils and precise solder paste printing, our team is always happy to help you with advice and support.


SMT stencils for precise solder paste printing

Our five laser systems are designed for precise and burr-free cutting. For the production of the SMD stencils we use high-quality stainless steel and nickel materials, consisting of special alloys that are particularly suitable for the laser cutting process. In detail these are:

Stainless steel Laser PHD,
Stainless steel FineGrain,
Stainless steel tension,
Nickel annealed

All stencil materials are characterised by stress-free tension, uniform material thickness and a degree of hardness adapted to the application.


Stencils for quick-tensioning frames

SMD stencils for all common tensioning frames, such as VectorGuard, QuattroFlex, ZelFlex, AlphaTetra, MicroMount, Heeb, Metz...

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Stencils in a fixed frame

SMD stencils mounted in an aluminium frame with regular or slope profile. Frame covering optionally with steel mesh or polyester mesh. Alternatively, we also offer stencil direct bonding to the frame.

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SMD stencils for VectorGuard and QuattroFlex

The patented SMD stencil especially for VectorGuard and QuattroFlex tentioning frames. Framed in aluminium profiles this stencil type offers a higher security and stability as well as a simplified handling. 

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Stepped stencils

SMD stencils with steps that ensure precise printing of different amounts of solder paste. We recommend to use our squeegee blades with tapered edges for correct solder paste printing. 

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Maxi stencils in oversize

SMD stencils up to a maximum sheet size of up to 2000 mm x 800 mm. The maxi stencil offers a sufficiently large printing area for the paste application on continuous PCBs. 

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Stencils with highest surface tension

SMD stencils directly bonded to a stainless-steel flat profile frame. The BECdirectultra stencil combines the advantages of quick-tensioning and framed stencils in one product. 

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Prototype stencils

SMD stencils for the pasting of a small number of PCB prototypes. The prototype stencils are manufactured in the requested size, optionally with a matching adapter stencil. 

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LTCC and via-fill stencils

LTCC stencils are high-precision tools for technical printing and are used for filling vias in ceramic substrates. These stencils are similar to SMD stencils. However, the burr-free laser-cut apertures are microscopically small.

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You have further questions?

Here we have summarized some basic information about SMD stencils.

What are SMD stencils?

Metal stencils made of stainless steel, fine grain or nickel material. They are used for printing solder paste on PCBs in electronics manufacturing.  

With the advent of SMT technology in the mid-1980s, these print stencils were manufactured by etching, today they are usually laser-cut.


What are SMD stencils needed for?

SMD stencils, also known as SMT stencils, are used in electronics production in the area of SMT assembly (surface-mount technology) for printing solder paste onto the circuit board. 

The circuit board is placed under the stencil, aligned, the solder paste applied and squeegeed over the printing area of the stencil, either manually or automatically inside the stencil printer.


How are SMD stencils stored?

Quick-tensioning stencils and stencils in fixed frames are stored safely and space savingly on shelves. Depending on the stencil type, the storage of SMD stencils in bags or  cardboard box is recommended. 

For more information, see BECarchive.


For more expert answers to your technical questions, visit FAQs.



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Configure your SMD stencil in the Becktronic online shop.
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Subscribe now to the Becktronic newsletter for the latest industry information, news from our company, and tips and trends concerning laser-cut SMD stencils and high-precision stencils for LTCC, wafer and special applications!


SMD stencils for optimal and error-free printing results.

Our stencils convince through quality and absolute precision. We take on your task and design the optimal stencil for your application: SMD stencils, step stencils, LTCC stencils, wafer stencils, maxi stencils, sputter masks, rework stencils. Accessories: metal squeegee, quick release frames, storage racks and archiving systems for stencils etc.