Same stencil layout, optimised printing results

The practical test

Practical test: The layout for an SMD stencil is sent to ten different manufacturers of high-precision stencils for solder paste printing. The result? Ten different SMD stencils. The reason for the different variants? Each provider focuses on testing each pad for a different aspect. At BECKTRONIC, proactive, result-oriented stencil optimisation in the form of BECKTRONIC ProConsult is always the first step. With over three decades of industry experience, we know exactly what is needed to make the best stencil for printed circuit board manufacturing.

Because only an SMD stencil with a precise pad picture ensures an accurate printing result and a minimisation of rejects. In the long term, comprehensive inspection of the stencil layout can create the basis for cost-efficient and resource-saving work. With the individual BECKTRONIC ProConsult consulting concept, we offer our customers considerable added value in the topics of stencils and solder paste printing process.
The aim: to optimise paste application tailored to the respective soldering process and to achieve an optimum soldering result with an error rate approaching 0 ppm at the end of the process chain.

Managing Director Thomas Schulte-Brinker explains: "In close cooperation with our customers, each stencil undergoes a software-based plausibility check. But the focus is clearly on the know-how of the experienced employees. Possible adjustments are often noticed at first glance, which optimise the functionality and longevity of the stencil. We maintain extensive internal databases that contain all information on the individual requirements of our customers. The guidelines of the IPC-7525A are taken into account alongside special designs including anti-tombstone optimisation. BECKTRONIC ProConsult means uncomplicated work for our customers with the best results."

Downloads on the subject of  BECKTRONIC ProConsult

BECKTRONIC ProConsult press release (German)



Layoutdesign of SMD stencils


  • Homeplates or Bow Ties to avoid tombstoning
  • Reduction and enlargement: proportional, circumferential or component-specific
  • Volume reduction of larger apertures through sensible screening
  • Rounding off of pad corners with a defined radius for improved paste release at the edges of apertures
  • Pad positioning: consideration of stretch or shrink factors based on different circuit board materials
  • Checking of the area ratio (surface ratio) as well as aspect ratio (thickness ratio)


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