Laser cut fine blanking parts

Laser cut fine blanking parts from BECKTRONIC

Precise micro laser parts according to your requirements

With our laser fine cut parts, you get high precision stainless steel parts in sizes from only a few millimeters up to a max. size of 162 x 59 cm and this starting from a quantity of one. Laser cut fine blanking parts are available in magnetic or non-magnetic stainless steel, fine grain, tinplate, and nickel. Stainless steel sheets in thicknesses from 30 µm to 600 µm are available from stock.

Thanks to the fine tuning of our laser systems, they offer highest accuracy. Due to a positioning accuracy of +/- 3 µm and a cutting size tolerance of +/- 5 µm, highest precision is always given. Even complex contours and individual cutouts of molded parts can be cut without burrs or distortion.


Clamping plates

We manufacture clamping plates precisely according to drawings or data. Specific designs of these laser parts can have hole receptacles and recesses, may be stepped and also engraved.

These laser parts are the basis for fixing or guiding PCBs inside the stencil printer. They clamp the PCB in the Z-axis and are manufactured to fit the printer. Usually they have a thickness of 100µm and 200µm respectively.


Clamp plates are perfect for fixing the PCB in the stencil printer. Graduated versions of these moldings, which have a stabilizing effect, are also used.

Complementary, there are combination solutions that, in addition to fixing in the Z-axis, also allow side clamping and enable printing close to the edge.

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Shims may be used to compensate manufacturing tolerances in production and machines. They are also called washers or spacers. Their function is comparable to a classic washer.

These laser parts are frequently used because they are not only cost-effective, but also quickly and precisely compensate for tolerances.


Shim plates are used in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry or in jig and fixture manufacturing. They are used for distance compensation, e.g. in horizontal assemblies or as shims on machine or fixture feet.

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Molded parts

Molded part is the umbrella term for laser-cut parts that are used in many other areas of application in addition to clamping, distance holding and level compensation.

We manufacture all molded parts to customer specifications. The application of an inscription, either engraved or as a so-called cutting font, can be done parallel to the production. The parts are placed in a space-saving manner on the sheets used for production and are optionally supplied connected to each other or separated.


The parts can be used in different areas:
Molded parts can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are used in optical applications (e.g. gobos, filter discs and aperture screens), in water technology (e.g. screens and jet breakers) and in sensor technology (e.g. spacer discs for calibration). Depending on the area of application and task, we implement your specifications quickly and with consistently high quality. 

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Laser fine cutting - (not) a big deal

Small laser parts in BECKTRONIC quality

As with all our products, you can rely on the high quality of our laser cut parts. Our experts in the field of laser fine blanking will advise you on contours, webs, the layout and any necessary specifications. This is how we guarantee the best results for your molded part.


Small molded components - big effect

We offer laser components such as clamping plates and shims as well as formed parts made of stainless steel and nickel. The material thickness of these laser cut components can vary from 0.03 mm to 0.6 mm. The maximum size of these stainless steel laser cuts is 1620 mm x 590 mm.


The laser fine cutting

Laser cutting falls under the field of thermal cutting processes. Light is bundled in the laser beam of the laser cutting systems. As soon as this beam hits a material, it is heated to such an extent that it liquefies at this point and the cutting gas expels the melt from the sheet.

Since the laser beam basically consists of many individual light points, the feed rate and speed, among other things, determine the quality of the cut edge. The slower this is, the finer the surface finish of the cutting edge. Various process gases are used to support this and influence the quality of the process.

Laser fine cutting also uses laser technology to separate the material. This is done either by fusion cutting or vaporization of the material along the cutting contour. With these precise separation processes, we can also produce very filigree designs, small kerfs and micro ridges and produce a micromillimeter accurate result (+/- 3µm).



Do you have any further questions?

Here we have summarized the most important information about laser fine blanking.

What is laser fine cutting?

Laser fine cutting refers to the precise cutting of materials from 0.001 to 1.0 mm thickness using a pulsed laser beam of generated thermal energy. The continuous laser beam cuts the materials in accurate and absolutely true to size as specified.


How does laser fine cutting work?

As a thermal cutting process, laser fine cutting uses a focused beam of light to cut. When this laser beam hits the material, material is removed and thus separated. Very precise cutting edges can be achieved with laser fine cutting. The process is suitable for both filigree and complex contours.


What are advantages of laser fine cutting?

Choose laser fine blanking parts from BECKTRONIC and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • BECKTRONIC quality standards

  • Economical production already from one piece

  • An (almost) burr-free cutting edge

  • Optimal material utilization

  • Fast set-up times

  • Short delivery times


Is post-processing of the laser parts possible?

BECKTRONIC offers different methods to refine your molded parts. If the laser cut fine blanked parts are manufactured in a bonded manner, a one or two-sided brushing of the parts is possible. Electrogalvanic post-treatment, BECchem, can also be applied.

While mechanical brushing removes the finest cutting burr on the laser exit side, BECchem ensures that optical requirements are met.


Is an express delivery for laser cut fine blanked parts available?

Our laser park enables fast response times and turnaround times. Standard delivery times are one to two days. Express delivery for individual pieces or for smaller delivery quantities can be implemented at any time. If the technical clarification has been made by 3 p.m. and we have your order, we will manufacture and ship your molded parts on the same day.


Which data formats do we need to produce your molded part?

In order to perfectly realize your wishes for your moldings, we need your project in one of the following file formats:

  • Gerber

  • Extended Gerber

  • HPGL

  • Barco-DPF

  • AutoCad-DXF

  • IPC-D350

  • Eagle(*brd)

  • Target

  • ODB++


Do you have further questions about BECKTRONIC products? Then take a look at our FAQ section.


Your satisfaction comes first

We offer you expert and independent advice. We guarantee consistent BECKTRONIC quality for every laser part.

Send us your inquiry with data or drawing. We will immediately take care of the high-quality and speedy production of your laser fine blanking parts.



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