Stencil solutions
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BECsnap quick-tensioning system

The innovative tensioning frame technology

We are experts in laser-cut SMD stencils for solder paste printing and produce high-precision stencils for your printing process. Our latest innovation is the BECsnap. A versatile stencil solution for classic quick-tensioning frames. Convert your quick-tensioning stencil types easily, cost-effectively and quickly. The stencils are fixed in aluminium moldes. This aluminium profile enhances stability and durability.

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The innovative BECsnap stencil for QuattroFlex II and III tensioning frames


More economical, faster and safer: our new BECsnapQF SMD stencil solution achieves peak performance. In electronics manufacturing, factors such as speed, safety, stability and precision are crucial to success. By using the BECsnapQF SMD stencil, you can make your everyday production more economical.

Enclosed in aluminium profiles, this SMD stencil design offers numerous advantages over a classic edge perforation:

  • Elimination of the risk of injury from sharp edges
  • Increased stencil stability
  • Keine No damage or kinks in the SMD stencil thanks to simple handling
  • Optimal tensioning possible up to 9 bar
  • No tearing out of the stencil edge thanks to easy tensioning of thin SMD stencils (≤ 100 μm)
  • Savings on hold-down borders and knurled screws/clamping levers of the Quattroflex II frame
  • The Venturi nozzle of the frame can be optionally upgraded with a non-return valve. The SMD stencil therefore remains tensioned over a period of time without compressed air
  • Can be used in QuattroFlex II and 3 (no charging station required), Stencilman, as well as TensoFrame

The BECsnapQF is available in the following material thicknesses:

  • 80µm, 90µm, 100µm, 110µm, 120µm, 130µm, 150µm, 180µm, 200µm

In the square design, the BECsnapQF is available for the frame size 584 mm x 566 mm.

Find out more about BECsnap here.

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The innovative BECsnap stencil for VectorGuard frames


he BECsnapVG guarantees the simplest and most economical choice for optimised handling of SMD stencils. The patented quick-tensioning solution satisfies in several points. Especially in electronics manufacturing, the new SMD stencil upgrade offers many advantages and greatly facilitates everyday production.

The innovative novelty lies in the easy conversion of traditional quick-tensioning stencil types to the VectorGuard system. Existing SMD stencils can be easily reused. This eliminates the additional cost of a new product. The durable aluminium profile strips increase the stability of the SMD stencil, minimise the risk of injury caused by sharp edges, and enable safe, space-saving storage.

The BECsnapVG can be quickly inserted into VectorGuard quick-tensioning frames. This eliminates the annoying and time-consuming tensioning of conventional SMD stencils.

For our customers, this also means no insertion assistance, increased safety and stability, as well as simple handling:

  • Improved stability of the SMD stencil through aluminium profile strips
  • Simplified handling
  • Faster insertion time as well as a longer stencil service life
  • Converting traditional quick-tensioning stencils to BECsnapVG as an economical solution: safe handling without the production of a new SMD stencil
  • No risk of injury from sharp edges
  • Longer service life of the bearing pockets
  • Short standard delivery times of just 1 day as well as free express delivery service (4 hours)
  • Surface-treated stencils (BECchem and BECnano)
  • SMD stencils available in all material thicknesses (70 μm to 500 μm)

Compared with other newly produced SMD stencils, the BECsnapVG represents an economical alternative.

Find out more about BECsnap here.


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