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Perfect. Stencils.

With more than three decades of experience in the production of SMD stencils, micro stencils and moulded parts, BECKTRONIC is one of the leading manufacturers of precision stencils for the electronics industry.

Different laser systems designed for absolute precision cutting are used in the manufacturing of products. The materials used, including stainless steel, fine grain, nickel, and invar, meet the highest quality requirements and consist of alloys specifically optimised for the laser cutting process. They are characterised by their absence of voltage, uniform material thickness, and a degree of hardness matched to all production processes.

As a company with a very high standard of performance, we have opted for a fully air-conditioned production hall. This prevents the ambient temperature from having a significant impact on our end products.

In addition to accuracy and our high-quality standards, customers also benefit from very short delivery times and a comprehensive customer service. Traceability of the process chain is always provided.

The stencils are brushed on both sides as standard. The resulting deburring and the removal of the finest cutting particles are parts of a production process, the result of which is a high-quality, high-precision SMD stencil. We also offer optional further surface finishes (BECchem | BECnano), which counteract uneven pressure deposits, especially in fine-pitch areas. We are happy to advise you on which surface treatments can improve your processes, based on the designs and grids to be printed. Stencils can also be directly bonded to fixed frames in our internally developed gluing machines. This process offers optimum results for our customers, who place the highest demands on the stability, robustness and precision of SMD stencils.

We have the ability to laser additional components or entire images into existing stencils. Subsequent laser-cutting is a cost-effective alternative to the production of a completely new stencil.



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SMD stencils for optimal and error-free printing results.

Our stencils convince through quality and absolute precision. We take on your task and design the optimal stencil for your application: SMD stencils, step stencils, LTCC stencils, wafer stencils, maxi stencils, sputter masks, rework stencils. Accessories: metal squeegee, quick release frames, storage racks and archiving systems for stencils etc.