Stepped stencils

Partially varying material thicknesses combined into a single stencil

Precise assembly with the BECKTRONIC secret weapon

Special requirements in the PCB assembly require the use of SMT stepped stencils. High packing densities of electronic components on a printed circuit board, as well as the increasing number of mixed assemblies often demand different paste volumes. For this reason, BECKTRONIC has developed BECstep. These precise step stencils print different amounts of solder paste. They come to use if the needed paste volumes cannot be accomplished by adjusting the aperture sizes or modifying the pad geometries of standard SMT stencils.

BECstep - fast, efficient, perfect for your assembly and precise from the very first second: Avoid costly rework! Stepped stencils are produced tailor-made to your assembly requirements. The corresponding stepped squeegees are also available for all printer brands.

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Manufacturing process
There are several methods for producing step stencils e.g. etching or milling.

Depending on the stencil design, we choose the ideal manufacturing process. Our special focus is on "squeegee-friendly" smooth transition steps. For example, steps ≥ 80 microns are milled with a flat rising or falling chamfer. Taking into account design rules and the necessary minimum distances between pads and step edges, we create the design of the step stencil and select the appropriate material thicknesses. Steps up and down can be created on both top and bottom side of the stencil. Thus, step stencils may also be used for coplanarity deviations of printed circuit boards, e.g. through labeling or to compensate thick solder resist. Stepped  SMD stencils are available for tensioning systems as well as in fixed frames.

Downloads on the subject of stepped stencils

BECstep - the next level
Download the BECstep press release (German)


BECstep offers electronics production
key advantages:

  • Reduction of rework
  • No need to dispense additional solder paste for power components
  • Co-planarity problems can be compensated for
  • By assembling THT components at the same Wave soldering is not necessary
  • Suitable for special applications

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