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CAD | CAM Service

Customer service and flexibility are top priorities at BECKTRONIC. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect stencil!

In close cooperation with you, we will optimise all stencil apertures (even partially) for the perfect print result. The guidelines of the IPC-7525A are taken into account alongside special adjustments for all individual designs (QFN, QFP, BGA, LGA, etc.) including anti-tombstone optimisation. As standard, a backup copy of the provided paste data is created and the modifications are carried out subsequently. This procedure guarantees the derivation of the manipulations at all times.

Your individual customer database forms the basis for the optimisation of stencil cutting data. In addition, the data undergo a software-based plausibility check that verifies compliance with design rules. In principle, all CAM data are checked and the customer is consulted immediately in the event of unclear definitions. We inform you of critical designs and recommend appropriate pad modifications.

From our very well-stocked material warehouse, we recommend the optimal stencil thickness, tailored to your printing process. Be it for 1206 to 0402 types up to 01005 and 03015 types.

Data archiving

All stencil-relevant customer and production data are archived by BECKTRONIC over a guaranteed period of 20 years on the company's own servers and hard disks. For repeat orders, the data of the first order can be used. This ensures that a 100% identical stencil is produced at all times.

Complete traceability of the manufactured stencil is provided at all times.


Excerpt of our CAD/CAM services:

  • Generation of adhesive points to specification or in accordance with the assembly plan
  • Anti-Tombstone optimisation
  • Pin-in-paste optimisation (for THT components)
  • All types of screening (such as simple screening, multiple screening/window pane design) of ground connections with transistors, QFN, etc.
  • Creation of squeegee blade-optimised step designs in stepped stencils
  • On request, you will receive a control plot before production
  • On request, we will provide the processed Gerber data


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SMD stencils for optimal and error-free printing results.

Our stencils convince through quality and absolute precision. We take on your task and design the optimal stencil for your application: SMD stencils, step stencils, LTCC stencils, wafer stencils, maxi stencils, sputter masks, rework stencils. Accessories: metal squeegee, quick release frames, storage racks and archiving systems for stencils etc.