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SMD stencils theme series: Stencils obersized

Despite trend toward miniaturization: Some special applications are oversized

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Maxi stencil 

BECmax: SMD Stencil in Oversize  

Even if the trend in the electronics sector is basically more towards miniaturization, there are still special applications in oversize that require corresponding SMD stencils.  

This is where our maxi stencils come into play. They differ from all SMD stencils in common standard dimensions and can be lasered up to a maximum sheet size of 2000 mm x 800 mm, depending on customer requirements.  

Due to their sufficiently large print area, maxi-stencils as oversized SMD stencils are perfectly suited for the pasting of continuous PCBs, such as in LED assembly production, and are thus an alternative to segmented printing processes.

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